brings in Romania InPost, automated postal package service

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Polish group – biggest private postal operator in Poland and provider of InPost international package automated machines network – will start setting up 200 electronic street units to be used for collecting packages in Romania by the end of the year. In the start of 2014, the units will be operational and available for clients.

This is the initial step of expanding of Romanian market for the company, with aiming to create a network of 500 automated terminals by the end of next year. The company wants to have InPost present in the most important Romanian towns and, for now, it has a series of final talks with local operators that would insure the courier services associated to the terminals.

Placed in public areas, with high traffic, like supermarkets, oil stations, subway stations, commercial centers and so on, InPost terminals allow picking up in 24/24 hours regime of the buys ordered to online stores. When placing an order, the clients opt in for InPost delivery service and choose the terminal in the area they want to pick it up from. They can monitor the delivery and are notified via SMS and e-mail when the package comes and they are also given a code to be able to open the terminal case. This allows clients to take their package any time, from a convenient area, while benefiting of smaller delivery tariffs.’s expansion in Romania is part of an extensive development and investments plan at European level, in which over Euro 300M are invested. The expansion in Romania is determined by the evolution of e-commerce on local plan, as e-commerce is a key activity domain for the Polish group. With an estimated value of euro 600M in 2012, Romanian e-commerce is estimated to grow 25% (up to Euro 750M) by the end of 2013, according to Romanian E-Commerce Market 2012 study. Adding to this are the over 1M Romanian internet users that are buying online and the over 3,500 e-businesses active on Romanian market.

Rafał Brzoska, CEO Group

Romania is a developing market with important potential for new types of services, so it’s an interesting target for our expansion

Rafał Brzoska,

CEO Group.

The Polish company continues simultaneously to develop also on other markets, as is making the biggest expansion outside Poland in company’s history. In present, over 2,400 different models of terminals for postal packages are available at international level and, only this year, another 2,000 units are scheduled to be introduced on the market. InPost terminals are available in 14 countries: Poland, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Brasilia, Chile, UK, Ireland, Lithuania, latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Russia, Cyprus, Czech Republic and Slovakia.


The project for the implementation of the innovative terminals is made together with the private equity company PineBridge Investments and it involves installing around 16,000 units until 2016, as part of a 3 yeas investment plan at European level.