Last generation classes at The Alternative School for Creative Thinking


Two last generation classes were included in the learning schedule during the new semester of The Alternative School for Creative Thinking. This way, “Applied Graphics’ and “Content and Storytelling in Digital Media” are completing the complex portfolio of the disciplines studied at The Alternative School for Creative Thinking, the most awarded platform for marketers and people passioned by creative thinking, a platform built similarly with a Creative MBA.

The applied graphics classes are conceived for specialists in strategy, accounting and client service that don’t want only to understand the work mechanisms of an art director, but also want to make sure that any presentation – no matter is in front of colleagues or in public – has coherence and fluidity perfectly translated and facilitated by the visual expression.


For over 15 years, I’ve been exploring the most interesting creative thinking events, with focus on branding or consumer culture, at international level. During the past 7, I’ve had the opportunity to attend those events not just as a participant, but as a speaker also. Therefore, I’ve discovered what a difference a well-structured, memorably-packaged presentation can make. I wish for the participants at The Alternative School to develop, in the 6 weeks we teach, practical abilities, such as creating and editing an excellent visual presentation. We live in a society in which information gets more complex by the hour, and its condensation in visual messages is the solution for its successful delivery and understanding

Teodora Migdalovici,

Founder The Alternative School for Creative Thinking

The same trend at a macro level that determined the integration of the Applied Graphic Design course, contributed to the launch of the other. Content and Storytelling in Digital Media proposes to emphasize on the quality of information, because we live in times in which the number of instruments and communication channels seems to have exceeded those that generate relevant and valuable content. The aim is to put into the spotlight the case studies presented in the School’s context.


During the 6 weeks, after which the best team will leave for Lisbon to attend Eurobest, the festival dedicated to European creative thinking, the students will study Strategy, Marketing, Creative Patterns, Digital, Creative PR and Personal Branding.

The deadline for applicationsis extended to the 21st of October, to give a chance to enroll to those interested in these two new disciplines.

The courses of the Eurobest semester are built in the spirit of “value for money” and accentuate the importance of holistic thinking. The students work in teams, on real briefs and in their solutions, a practical approach is encouraged.

Courses take place 3 times a week: Tuesday & Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings, are delivered by acclaimed practitioners and benet of the case studies awarded at Eurobest – the most complex festival dedicated to European creativity. The School offers an immersion in European communication culture, opens and cultivates the taste for performance and keeps in contact the marcomm players with the most recent innovations in the area.