“Live beautiful” campaign for Baneasa Shopping City, signed by Romanian Jazz

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Romanian independent agency created the first brand image for Baneasa Shopping City – “Live beautiful”. The campaign, that runs between September 2nd – November 11th, aims to change the way communication takes place within the commercial centers category.

Baneasa Shopping City is the biggest commercial center in Romania in terms of income and, since its launch in 2008, had a solid and constant growth, reaching to over 50,000 visitors during week days and over 80,000 in week-ends.

The campaign aims to consolidate brand’s image, recognizing its community and opening a dialog with all those that come to Baneasa Shopping City.

Irina Pencea - color

I don’t know a person that didn’t visit until now Baneasa Shopping City. And all those we spoke with, people invited to the qualitative studies we organized, friends or acquaintances each of us have, told us the same thing – ‘I come here because it is different and it is a place for people like us. I come here when I want to feel good, to spoil myself shopping, to live beautiful experiences, eat well, to see quality movies or shows and mainly because I know I’ll be around civilized people that have good taste’. That was where the communication idea “Live beautiful” came from, synthesizing the desire of Romanian middle class to enjoy a better life, with optimism and joy

Irina Pencea,

Partner Jazz.

The campaign includes two steps, identifying the community and inviting it to dialogue.

For the first stage, the agency aimed to show which are the loyal visitors of Baneasa Shopping City and chose a few of them, different typologies, that were invited to be brand’s ambasadors: Alina Vilcu (architect), Catalin Opritescu (photographer and creator of lightoholic.com), Alina Dascalescu (stylist) andAndrei Stanciu (actor). They became the representatives of Baneasa Shopping City’s community and detailed, in outdoor, indoor and online executions, what it means to them to live beautiful, not only though the professional and personal life perspectives, but also through what one wears, eats, sees, cultivates his creativity, spirit, passions and the ways Baneasa Shopping City answers to these searches.

The second part of the campaign invites people to dialogue with Baneasa Shopping City online, via www.traieste-frumos.ro, where the can share what living beautiful means to them. The online platform aims to become an inspiration source for all those that want to enjoy their life.

The campaign is declined in outdoor and print, has online executions and a strong social media component.

Besides the virtual experience on the online dialog platform, Baneasa Shopping City’s visitors are challenged to come up with ideas for a beautiful life, for which they will receive prizes and special experiences

The teams working on the campaign:

  • Baneasa Developments: Hanny Bratu – Marketing Director, Silvia Dinu – Brand Manager Retail, Ovidia-Elena Popescu – Marketing Communication Manager, Andrei Serbu – Event Specialist.
  • Jazz: Catalin Baciu and Eduard Einhorn- Art Directors, Valentin Suciu – Creative Partner, Claudia Staicut – Account Executive, Felicia Batovici – Account Director, Adrian Bratu – BTL Account Director, Oana Mustereata – BTL Account Executive, Diana Benko – Partner and Irina Pencea, Partner.

Launched in January 2012 by Valentin Suciu, Irina Pencea and Diana Benko, Romanian Jazz is an ambitious challenger within Romanian communication industry. The agency has 22 people in its team, all talented when it comes of conceiving and implementing integrated communication idea that manifest in any medium.

Jazz has in portfolio clients such as Provident, Baneasa Shopping City, Grand Cinema Digiplex, Heineken, Starfoods, Muller, Vichy Romania, Dr. Oetker or Reckitt Benckiser.