Unilever’s Dero launched a new campaign in Romania


Dero, Romanian washing powder brand launched on Romanian market in 1966 and acquired by Unilever in 1995, launched a new campaign at national level, under the tagline “Spala romaneste!” (Wash it in the Romanian way!).

Activare interna- Spala Romaneste

The campaign started in October and aims to bring in the spotlight Romanian spirit and tradition in an innovative way. By entering the promo code on product’s packaging, consumers can win, every day, an Arctic washing machine, another brand with tradition in Romania.

Activare interna-Spala romaneste (1)

The campaign, that runs between October 1st – November 30th, is a mix of TV, radio, print, online and in-store activations. In-store, consumers will have the possibility to win, in a draw at the end of the campaign, traditional Romanian blouses and CDs with folklore music, but also Dero products.

“Wash it in the Romanian way!” is a campaign belonging to a brand that, in its over 40 years of experience, honored, with each campaign, the identity. We are Romanians, we have beautiful habits and traditions, that were passed from generation to generation and it is our duty to pass them forward

With this initiative, Dero (…) aims to remind Romanians which are the authentic values and to contribute to boosting the national pride

Dan Oprescu,

Brand Building Director, Unilever South Central Europe.

Dero is on 6th position within the top of the most powerful Romanian brands in 2013, as a study made by Biz and Unlock Market Research showed.

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