Propaganda Brand New created the visual identity for Egregio brand from Vincon

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Propaganda Brand New created, for Vincon, a new wine brand, Egregio, a contemporary young wine to answer the new tastes consumers acquired.


In positioning the brand, we aimed to attribute the distinction it deserves, placing it at the intersection of two axis: Egregio is a wine of exigences, that can satisfy the taste of the most refined wine drinkers and, in the same time, is a contemporary wine, for today’s consumers, that are deeply anchored in contemporary days

Diana Caracota,

Planner Propaganda.

The “exigences wine” was translated by Prpaganda Brand New with the name “Egregio”, coming from the Latin “Egregia cum laude” – the highesst academic distinction. The contemporary wine element can be found out at design’s level, with an unconventional execution for the label.

Egregio started from the desire of combining classic and minimalist, transforming the initial E in personal evolution stages and supreme recognition of merits (…) The classic refinement of a logotype is balanced and brought into the contemporary days with the graphical simplicity given by the 4 rectangular stripes. This way, we tried not to fall into an area specific for premium wines, but to express the concept as clean and contemporary as possible

Raluca Beldiman

Graphic Designer Propaganda Brand New.


From a consumer’s perspective, Egregio corresponds to the refinement expectations any good wine drinker has, and this is synthesized within the slogan the brand will use to communicate itself: “Egregio. It recommends you”

Egregio is a young wine of an exceptional quality that, even if it didn’t yet had an official launch, already receives appreciations at specialized contests. We are expecting the new brand created together with  Propaganda Brand New to receive the same appreciation from the consumers it targets

Simona Hancu,

Marketing Manager Vincon Romania.


The teams working on the project included:

  • Propaganda Brand New: Diana Caracota – Planner, Ana Necula – Copywriter, Raluca Beldiman – Graphic Designer, Vlad Bojan – Head of Design and Madalina Oanta – Branding Director
  • Vincon: Simona Hancu – Marketing Manager