Deloitte CE Technology Fast 50: Romania, on top place for the 3rd year in a row


Deloitte Technology FAST 50 2013 results show a new performance for Romania, present in the top with 6 companies, confirming this way the promising development of Romanian companies active in tech sector, despite the economic environment (still affected by the global crisis).

Moreover, for the 3rd year in a row, (online tourism services) ranked 1st in the top, with an increase of revenues of 5,729% during the last 5 years. TeamNet International S.A. is also present in 2 categories of the top, Fast 50 (#17) and Big 5 (#3). Another first for Romania was the confirmation of the leading position for INSOFT Development & Consulting SRL, within the Rising Stars section.

Alina Mirea - Audit Partner Deloitte Romania

In the actual environment, innovation represents a key notion especially in the tech sector and shouldn’t miss from the strategy of the top managers active in this sector (…) The companies that offer innovative and differentiated techologies and services have all the chances to obtain spectacular results during next years. With the performances presented, our finalists proved that they are part of this elite. We want to give special congratulations to, that kept the leader position in the top for 3 years, but also to INSOFT Development & Consulting SRL, that debuted this year directly on the 1st position in Rising Stars top.

Alina Mirea,

Partener Audit Deloitte Romania & Specialist in Tehnologie, Media & Telecom industries

At its 14th edition, Deloitte CE Technology FAST 50 includes the most dynamic tech companies in the region, ranked in terms of revenues growth during the last 5 years  (2008-2012). Also, the companies must have intellectual property that contributes in a significant manner to the operational revenues or to dedicate a substantial part of the revenues to research and tech development.

The Romanian finalist this year were  (Bucharest, increase of 5.729% in revenues between 2008-2012), TeamNet International S.A. (Bucharest, +639%), Crys Computers S.R.L. (Bucharest, +431%), SmartTel S.A. (Bucharest, +288%), Fortech S.R.L. (Cluj-Napoca, +286%) and Ingenio Software S.A. (Bucharest, +239%).

Deloitte CE Technology Fast 50  also showed that the growth rate for the companies in the top decreased this year to 671% from 1026% in 2012. The top includes companies representing 8 countries (Croatia, Czech republic, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Hungary), with Poland being the best represented (22 companies), followed by Hungary (8) and Romania (6). The software developers are dominant in the top (29 companies), followed by internet companies (13). In this year’s top, 22 companies are present for the 1st time.