Ioana Mucenic, managing partner pastel, is the only Romanian speaker at Figaro Digital Marketing Conference, London


Ioana Mucenic, visionary managing partner & head of strategy at pastel agency, is the only Romanian speaker invited at the London event dedicated to the digital environment, Figaro Digital Marketing Conference. The event will take place Thursday, November 28th, at the Royal College of Physicians. At the conference will attend 500 UK’s representatives from top brands, communications agencies and companies specializing in technology. On the same scene with Ioana will speak specialists from Spotify, Twitter, Sony, Adobe, UNICEF and many others.

Her topic’s presentation is “The experience of words beyond SEO”. In this presentation, Ioana will highlight the importance of brand consistency protocols, given that its voice no longer needs a dedicated copywriter. The brands are now live speaking, so it is important to ensure them an appropriate language.

Ioana Mucenic_visionary managing partner&head of strategy_pastel

This presentation is an iconic one for pastel philosophy, to always be focused on experiential brand, in an integrated way, at all points of contact with the consumer. Given that brands are talking more and faster, their discourse coherence has become a real challenge

Ioana Mucenic

The invitation to attend the event came as a result of the presence of agency’s representatives to the series of events Technology for Marketing and Advertising, held in London in February, during which they were familiarized with digital trends, technologies and market opportunities, offered by Great Britain mature market in the digital field.

For us, as for everyone, digital is a priority (…) The difference that we are looking for real integration of the  digital is connected with the overall experience of the brand and the need to quickly adapt to trends that are succeeding more quickly

Dana Nae Popa,

realistic managing partner & business developer pastel.  

Ioana Mucenic is visionary managing partner & head of strategy la pastel. She coordinates the agency and clients’ strategic activities. With 10 years of expertise in the industry, from which 7 years in her own agency, Ioana is among the most successful young entrepreneurs in marcomm. Ioana is member of Charted Institute of Marketing and is following the courses of this prestigious educational institution, in the top module. Also, she loves to teach others, this being the reason why she is a certified trainer with experience in delivering marketing and communication courses in various specialized areas.

Ioana is a brand experiences expert, field in which she believed in ever since the establishment of her agency, pastel, where she develops brand experiences on daily basis.

In 7 years of entrepreneurship she actively worked in hundreds of local and regional projects, for brands like Mondelez, Avon, Tenaris Silcotub, Petrom, Heidi Chocolat, Honda, Unilever Food Solutions, GDF SUEZ Energy Romania, Hochland, Bonduelle and many others.

pastel agency, founded in 2006 in partnership with Dana Nae Popa, has 26 employees, over 30 active clients, of which 70% are leaders in their markets.