Grolsch inaugurates the 1st Anti-Mall in Romania

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Grolsch inaugurates the 1st Anti-Mall in Romania, on December 6-8, in Romania’s capital, on Calea Lipscani, where previously Bucharest Store was located. For 3 days, all those that will come to the Anti-Mall are invited to join a new experiment by Grolsch

The brand challenged the most creative “experimentalists” to try to live for 3 days only from their passion, no matter it comes of DYI, photo, fashion or any creative passion. Grolsch launched this invitation through a challenge on and 15 people were recruited to make money from their passion. 

Grolsch Anti-Mall - making of 1

The Anti-Mall is the space where the selected people will put up for sale the results of their passion and the visitors have the opportunity to buy their products and listen to their stories. This way, Grolsch aims to encourage collective creativity and non-conformism and to amend the conventional clichees from everyday’s life.

Grolsch Anti-Mall - making of 2

The reinterpretation of the mall, a symbol of series products, in an anti-conformist manner will bring together creative minds that will give that space a new role. Grolsch Anti-Mall will host not only the experiment, but also people that managed to transform their passion in a job. Moreover, the spirit of the place will be completed, every day, by concerts from Les Elephants Bizarres, OCS, ROA, Electric Brother, Charlie Boy The Rabbit King, Gojira & Planet H, DJ Bully and “experimentalist” bands.