A Tempo Advertising concept, in 2014 Night of Ads Eaters’ international selection

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The ad made by DaKino Diud for Night of Ads Eaters 2013, starting from “Zombies” concept, developed by Tempo Advertising, was included by Jean-Marie Boursicot, the creator of the event, in the international selection of 2014’s show. Night of Ads Eaters 2013 happens in Romania on 14 and 15 November and has Dan Chisu as general producer.  

“Zombies” concept started from the idea that, when you are really passionate about something, somewhere to the limit of obsession, that passion becomes some sort of a pray that you follow until it has no chance to escape. Night of Ads Eaters is the annual reunion of those who hunt obsessively all that’s interesting, actual or out of the ordinary. Including the ad that resulted from our concept in the international selection for 2014 is honoring us and makes us happy

Bogdan Ivascu,

Senior Account Manager Tempo Advertising.


The purpose of this ad and of the online platform developed by Republika was to transform as many users in “eaters” present at Night of Ads Eaters, so we positioned ourselves, one ordinary Sunday, in Patria Cinema’s screening room, dressed like veritable “zombies”. Reactions weren’t late to appear and we filmed everything and used the footage to make the promo ad for Night of Ads Eaters 2013. But we didn’t stop there, after the Patria experiment, a walk in Old Center followed and we gathered even more reactions. The material filmed in the Old Center is the one that caught Jean-Marie Boursicot’s eye

Gheorghe Andrei,

Event Manager Night of Ads Eaters  (NDP)

The communication concept, “Zombies”, was developed by a Tempo Advertising team that included: Gabriel Mihailescu – Art Director, Iulia Soare – Copywriter, Ionica Dogaru – Art Director, Alex Manciu – Copywriter, Claudiu Dobrita – Creative Director and Bogdan Ivascu – Senior Account Manager.

Dakino Diud’s team that worked on the ad included Gheorghe Andrei – director and Event Manager NDP,  Roxana Andrei – second director, Ana Andrei – Make-up Artist, Catalin Micu, Mihai Dehelean, George Molesag, Florin Babei, Razvan Parjol – Camera, Andreea Andrei – photographer, Paula Lupu – PR Manager and Mihai Teodorov – PR Executive. The equipment was provided by GF Studio.

The concept was supported and implemented in digital by Republika Interactive and a team including Justin Kadima – General Manager, Stefania Kadima – Managing Partner, Cosmin Merisescu – Chief Technical Officer, Nelutu Ungureanu – Web Developer, Enoh Barbu – Web Developer, Dan Buruiana – Art Director,  Mihai Rancea – Web Designer, Raluca Irimia – Account Manager, Rodica Grad – Copywriter and Oana Marin – Community Manager.