mediaTRUST analysis: Premium car brands’ media and advertising visibility in Romania


mediaTRUST Romania made an analysis on media and advertising visibility for the main premium brands from the automotive industry. BMW, Audi and Mercedes continue to compete for the first place in the top of premium car brands.

During the interval January 1 – October 31, 2013, the three German brands recorded 4,536 materials in the print press and on TV. Mercedes-Benz had 1,802 materials in the analyzed media, BMW recorded 1,692 materials, and Audi had 1,042 materials.

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Mercedes – Benz had the biggest media coverage in April 2013 (279 materials), moment when Daimler Group announced that it would invest over EUR 300M in Romania to expand production of Mercedes-Benz gear boxes from Star Transmission.

BMW had the highest media coverage (229) in September 2013, with the main topic approached by journalists being the launch of the eco i8 supercar and of the new electrical model i4 at Frankfurt Auto Show. Moreover, the launch of the new BMW Series 5 at Baneasa showroom was also an event extensively covered by Romanian media.

September was also the month with the highest media coverage (155 articles) for Audi also. The launch of the Audi Quattro Nanuk concept at Frankfurt Auto Show and the launch of the face-lift version of the A8 sedan were the main subjects for the media materials.

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Mercedes is the brand with the highest number of broadcasted commercials during January 1 – October 31, 2013, namely 2,953. Audi ranks second, in mediaTRUST top, as it broadcasted 647 commercials, while BMW ranks 3rd, with 145 ads.

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The mediaTRUST report also contains a distribution of the advertising by media sources during the interval January 1 – October 31, 2013. Of the 2,953 advertisements recorded by Mercedes Benz, 2,355 ads were on TV, 368 on radio stations, and 230 ads appeared in printed press.

Same as Mercedes, Audi relied more on TV, where it had 289 ads, 230 were on radio and 128 advertisements in the print. BMW had 145 ads in print.

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The analysis considered print publications and TV stations monitored by mediaTRUST between January 1 – October 31, 2013. Brand-related articles were taken into consideration exclusively, while news about car accidents and tabloid news were excluded from the monitoring.  In establishing the advertising visibility, the report also included the results of monitoring over 2,600,000 commercials and ads on 20 TV stations, 12 radio stations, and 200 central publications, 58,518  of which were included into the motor vehicles category during the time interval January 1 – October 31, 2013.