GolinHarris and Medic One – the only Romanian agencies awarded at Crtstal Festival

Creativity, PR

 “Smart Girls Do It Once A Month” was double awarded at Cristal Awards, during the gala that took place on Friday, December 1th. The campaign that aimed to raise awareness over the contraceptive methods, created by  GolinHarris Bucharest and Medic One, was double awarded in PR, a competition section introduced this year by the festival.


The accolades received were Sapphire and Emerald in Products and Best Brand Development.

When you start your journey with a new campaign, you don’t think about awards. You just want to feel that that is the campaign that will overpass client’s expectations, that will change something and bring results that you wouldn’t have dare to mention in the KPI list. Together with Medic One, we felt from the first moment that this is the smart girls campaign, and confirmations like those 2 international prizes, which aren’t the first this campaign wins, only consolidate the unique Healthcare PR expertise we have together with Medic One

Alina Popa,

Senior Manager, Consumer Division, GolinHarris.


The campaign was launched as a consequence of abortion rate in Romania, that continues to be one of the highest in Europe. Adela Popescu agreed to join the project, unveiling publicly the contraceptive method she uses in order to give an example to Romanian women. The campaign was launched with a press conference that took place in a hotel room.

Besides the vast experience we have in pharma communication, Medic One differentiates with the unique approach and creativity that it follows. We learned to always push the limits imposed by the industry and this generated always results way over expectations. The two prizes at Cristal Festival show us that unwalked roads are, most often, the best and that, many times, the courage to break patterns is the one that makes the difference

Oana Cociasu,

Managing Partner Medic One.