Canadian Apollo Studios lost their piano. Finder to get rewarded?

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Apollo Toronto, Canadian advertising agency, had a piano that went missing, leaving behind a team that lost the ability to create the sensitive, heartfelt music that our lifeblood depends upon.

They want it back and accept help on their Facebook page.

The story of the piano and the recovery efforts were supported, among others, by Martin Beauvais, Dave Douglass, Neil Blewett, Jesse Hornstein-Goldberg, Eric Neal, Mike Hasinoff, Jason Soucé, Jeff Cheung, Amy Jacobs, Paul Little, Chris Booth, Freddy Nduna, Zac Muir-Vavrina, Gerald Schoenhoff, Jeremiah McNama, Jennifer Cursio, Laura Kim, Kate Thorneloe, David Power, Anne Ngo, Christine MacDonald, Danielle Bussières, Adrian Belina and Earl Mann.

Involved in the search are also  Yan Dal Santo and Jerome Leclere – directors, Barry Russell – DOP, Yan Dal Santo – editor and Apollo Studios with the sound.