HumanGraphExperience by Starcom: Christmas & New Year’s Eve for RomaniansRomanian Customs & Traditions

Consumption Habits, Marketing

Starcom launched a new infographic of the series HumanGraphExperience, this time analyzing Romanian customs and traditions for Christmas and New Year’s Eve and Romanians’ attitude toards keeping the holidays traditions.

As Starcom found out, the search for presents starts as early as October, especially when it comes of women, as they are the ones that are more involved in finding out the perfect present for the family (children, husband or partner). On average, a person offers presents to other 4-5 people. The highest buys volume is registered in December, in the 2nd and 3rd week of the month, when both stores and e-commerces register the highest growths.

On Christmas, Romanians are focusing on children presents, followed by expensive presents like watches, perfumes, jewels and electronics (31% want to buy some electronic products in the following year).

More and more appreciated are customized presents, hand-made ones and the ones that take in consideration the hobbies of those that receive the presents.

When it comes of New Year’s, Romanians intend to celebrated it at home or together with friends, in a bigger measure than in previous year. Those with a good financial situation have unlimited options and many chose to spend winter holidays abroad, in some exotic destinations.

No matter the place they are, Romanians will use this year also the mobile phone as a way to communicate their wishes for 2014 to their friends and family.