Elena Bululete, Conan PR: 2013 was the year when we grew up

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Conan PR, PR agency that received, in 2013, at PR Awards Romania, the “Small Consultancy of the Year” accolade, ended the year that passed with an Euro 113,000 turnover and expects to increase its revenues by 10% in 2014.

2013 was the year when we grew up. Although we started the business in a period not really friendly for entrepreneurial environment, we proved that one can develop a business during economical crisis and even to transform it into a profitable one. The year that passed brought us our first prize to a professional competition, a finalized rebranding process that gave us a new image and a new name (Conan PR), and the chance to get involved in a series of communication projects we loved and to work together with wonderful people

Elena Bululete

PR Consultant & Partner Conan PR.

In its three years of activity, the agency provided PR services for 23 clients and came up with and developed 64 communication projects in which were involved journalists, bloggers and opinion leaders. Since day 1, Conan sent 97 press releases for its clients and spent thousands of hours on the phone, in meetings and on emails in order to find the best solutions for its clients. Until now, Conan PR managed to promote its clients’ messages in over 3,000 press materials.

Beyond these numbers, our biggest satisfaction was when 15 families from Ursici village in Hunedoara county managed to light up an electric bulb in their homes for the 1st time. We are proud that we manage to contribute, along with Free Miorita, to gathering the founds and buying the solar panels that brought electric light for the first time in Ursici people’s homes

Elena Bululete.

Conan PR has in its portfolio a number of clients among which  Heidi, Dr. Oetker, CODECS, Riemerschmid, Total Post, HoneyWood, Storience, Hello Communication, Avenor College or artcademy.