Parisian architecture studio, branded by Romanian agency Naked & Jones


SANE Architecture, an architecture studio located in Paris and founded by Romanian architects Cristina Chelarescu and Traian Bompa, had its branding made by Romanian Naked &  Jones, after the 2 founders were conquered by the vision Adrian Isaia, Creative Director of the agency, presented to them.

The decision to work with a branding company is quite unusual for an architecture studio, due to a pretty specific domain and to the mentality of universal person that is inoculated to us in the architecture school. In the end, from a fantastic respect for the idea of making thins with professionals, we looked for a team of young people, that would have the time and energy to understand us and also to have a creative enough thinking in order to surprise us.

Working with Naked & Jones was extremely dynamic. Defining a new brand can be something extremely personal and now, at the end of the project, I can’t even imagine Sane Architecture could have a different identity

Cristina Chelarescu,

Founder SANE Architecture.

During the branding process, the agency handled from naming to branding concept, visual identity and online presence (website).

The branding was conceptual, focused on continuous balancing between the notions of sane and insane and their interdependence – as the logo signals it in a subtle manner – comig from architects’ conviction that the 2 notions are contextual.

It is one of our favorite projects, especially considering that we are rarely offered the chance to build a brand from scratch and even more rare we have the liberty to build it the way we want. Naked & Jones approach was and will always be a personal and human one. From this reason, we are trying to understand as good as possible the client and its business’ needs

Raluca Hanganu,

Executive Manager Naked & Jones.

SANE christmas card

For us, a small personal victory was that Dezeen listed the Christmas card we made for SANE Arhitecture among the best card designs in 2013

Adrian Isaia.

The visual identity resulted at the end of the branding process is both minimalist and complex. At visual level, the website is defined through an architectural alternate of negative space, controlled by the grid of positive spaces, already built and in Sane Architecture’s portfolio

The match between the client and the branding agency was  perfect – two young companies eager for really creative projects and collaborations without feedbacks born from fear, but from the desire to create something sincere, simple and beautiful – we continue to believe something like that is possible

Adrian Isaia. 

Naked & Jones is a Romanian agency offering branding services, from brand identity creation to implementation. Founded in December 2013, the agency is coordinated by Raluca Hanganu, Executive Manager, with Adrian Isaia, Creative Director, in charge of the creative department.