Tripsta: 30-40 y.o Romanian men, Apple owners – the ones to most frequent buy tickets and holidays from mobiles

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30-40 y.o Romanian men, Apple owners, are the ones that are most frequent buyers of tickets and holidays via mobile devices, according to an analysis made by Data collected by the company in 2013 showed that Romanians used smartphones or tablets to make 11.2% of the total number of reservations on last year.

In 2013, mobile traffic on increased around 4 times, while the medium value of a reservation remained constant, at around Euro 355. In 2014, we expect the mobile traffic on tripsta platform and the number of buys made via smartphones and tablets to double

Marius Negre,

International Sales & Distribution Manager Tripsta

According to Tripsta data, last year, Romanians made, from their mobile devices, over 700 reservations of plane tickets and hotels. The medium duration for a trip reserved via a mobile device was of 10 days, and the reservations were made with around 27 days before starting the trip.

In 2013, from the total of reservations made via, 11.20% were made via mobile devices, up from 8.4% in 2012; April was the month with most reservations and buys made via mobile devices (14.5%) .

Mobile buys for travel are made predominantly by men aged 30-40 y.o, Apple devices owners. iPhone and iPad owners generated 40.59% from the visits on the website and were responsible for 73.4% reservations made via mobiles. On the other hand, people that own Android operated devices generated 56,90% from the mobile traffic on, while the rest of 2.51% traffic came from Windows Phone or BlackBerry.

1Among the Romanians that bought or reserved plane tickets or hotels via Tripsta last year, 56.23% were men and 43.77% – women. Most active in making mobile buys were people aged 30-40 y.o (39.53%) and 20-30 y.o. (33.77%), followed by 40-50 y.o. group(16.11%). Mobile buys were less attractive for people aged 50-60 y.o (6.11%) and of very little intrest for those aged 60-70 y.o. (1.88%).


When they bought tickets from their mobiles, Romanians opted mainly for Istanbul, Vienna, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Athens and Munich. Locally, most mobile buys were made for Bucharest-Cluj route.

Between January and December 2013, Romanians that accessed from mobile devices did that from smartphones (76%), much rather than tablets (24%).

When it comes of the mobile traffic on tripsta, Romania is ahead Ukraine, Hungary and Bulgaria, according to the analysis, that also shows Greeks are leaders at European level when it comes of accessing the platform from mobile devices.

Most mobile hits on tripsta came from Greece, followed by Ireland and Russia. Germans are also using their mobiles, mainly smarphones, to access the online tourism agency. Italians, Turks and Poles also prefer to use their smartphones rather than tablets for mobile access on tripsta.