SeniorHyper, AirWaves and Intersport bring ski in the digital world with Snowblast

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Ski is one of the most appreciated winter sports all over the world. In order to make it more accessible for everyone, SeniorHyper developed, together with Airwaves and Intersport, the Snowblast project, a platform that brings skiing into the digital world.

Airwaves Snowblast (1)

The winter sports sky is at its peak (…) We joined this ice fever also, when working on Snowblast. We tried to give cold shivers, action and sensations, to make it seem like on the slope. The boiled wine isn’t needed, we have Airwaves

Alin Badiu,

Art Director SeniorHyper

The project, at its second edition, takes place in 10 Intersport stores in 7 Romanian towns, between December 18th – February 26th.

Airwaves Snowblast (2)

All those that get on Snowblast skis are automatically entered into a contest and can win awards and vouchers from Airwaves and Intersport.