The Alternative School – important changes, access for Young Lions Romania to PR, Design and Cyber competitions


The launch of the Cannes semester of The Alternative School for Creative Thinking brings a new classes and contests structure, allowing participants to opt in mainly for the disciplines they are interested in directly, especially if they want to participate to the dedicated competitions from Cannes Lions.

The qualification for Cannes competitions represents, for many of the students, a strong motivation to enlist for The Alternative School, same as the fact that, for 9 continuous years, Alternative School’s students and graduates are performing at international level, where over 250 of them specialized.

In 2014, Romania has places to compete in PR and Design competitions at Young Lions. There is also opening for Cyber, a category completely reinvented, if there will be financial support for the category and a driven interest for participating.

The Alternative School’s classes, preparing the participants with work and assimilation meetings guided by tutors with international performances, last 7 weeks and start on March 18th.

The classes will be structured on 3 modules: Contemporary PR (on Tuesdays, between 19-21), Design (on Thursdays, 19-21), Cyber (Wednesdays, 19-21) and Integrated (Saturdays, 11 -14). No matter the option for PR, Cyber or Design, the Integrated class is mandatory.

The participation fee starts from Euro 200, depending on age, enlisting category and the type of application (personal or in team). The age limit for those interested to participate in Cannes competition is 28 years olf.

To this program of creative MBA are participating professionals in PR, Design, professionals working in Marketing departments, specialists in brand building, creation, strategy and social media working for clients or for communication agencies.

The applications for The Alternative School can be submitted until March 15th, at

The teachers of Alternative School’s Cannes 2014 semester are top performers from client and from agencies, from Romania and from abroad. They will have face to face or via skype live classes and, in the same manner, will evaluate the tasks they give and will offer feedback.

For the PR class, the speakers that confirmed their participation are Alina Damaschin (Rogalski Damaschin PR), Oana Bulexa (The Practice), Hortensia Nastase (GolinHarris Bucharest), Ioana Manoiu (GMP PR), Monica Jitariuc (The Practice), Anca Nuta, Crenguta Rosu (DC Communication).

The Design speakers are Andres Vergara, Alex Haidamac, Ioana Halunga, Iashido and Gabriel Mihai Botarel, while the ones at Integrated are Nir Refuah, Mihnea Gheorghiu, Mihai Gongu, Laura Nedelschi, Cristina Oncescu, Mihai Dragnea and Doina Costache.

The full list of speakers and the launch of the Cyber class/competition will be announced in the following period.

In its 9th year of existence, The Alternative School offers an unique educational experience, where practitioners with remarkable results, Romanians and foreign, are sharing from their experience, evaluate student’s solutions, give constructive feedback and offer guidance to the students in exercising their creative thinking abilities. At the end of the program, the best graduates of the program will qualify for the next level: study and competition in the context of Cannes Lions 2014.

The entire educational program is harmonized by its founder, Teodora Migdalovici, Cannes Lions ambassador in Romania.