A day in the life of a well-being specialist, shared by Alecsandra Ionita

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For a better understanding of my daily routine as a well-being specialist I should start by describing first what a well-being specialist is. In a nutshell, a well-being specialist is a person that promotes and understands what it takes to make corporate people happy.

Why did I choose my job? Because I re-discovered the pleasure of painting, interior design, fashion etc., and I thought that there are more people like me that would indulge in such pleasures.

Alecsandra Ionita

My daily routine consists in constantly making time for family and trying to cope with clients and deadlines. It’s mostly the same routine as anyone else’s – except the fact that during day time I have the liberty of brainstorming with my team in order to develop new programs for companies.

The exception comes from the fact that our programs give me the liberty of adapting client’s brief and playing around with concepts such as: relaxation, massage therapy, sculpture classes and so many other workshops that please the eye and soul of the people attending them.

Alecsandra Ionita - Smart Experience

Every day is a new wonderful moment when I have the chance to let creativity flow and I try to make people’s lives better. It’s such a nice change from the day-to-day crazy routine of an usual job.


 Alecsandra Ionita is well-being specialist Smart Experience