Romanian state press agency Agerpres launched its mobile app

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Romanian state press agency Agerpres launched, on February 11th, its mobile app, free to download on tablets and smartphones via App Store and Google Play.

The app offers to the users access to the most important news in real time and it’s easy to use, as it employs design elements adapted to the actual trends.

agerpress mobile app

The navigation inside the app is easy and intuitive, meant to help the consumer be efficient and save time when looking for different news. The app also includes an important function, an intelligent algorithm that sorts the information in terms of relevance. 

A major novelty is represented by “push” notifications for Breaking News, through which app’s user finds out in real time which are the most important news and how the situation is evolving around them.

The app allows users to share the info they find interesting on Facebook and Twitter, via e-mail and SMS.

The app, working on Android and iOS systems, makes it easier for Agerpres’ subscribers to access the special news feeds.

The app was launched as Agerpres prepares to celebrate 125 of existence, on March 27th.

Founded in 1889, Agerpres is Romania’s National Press Agency, with the role to offer balanced and impartial information and be the main information source for people and institutions, but also the most important resource of news on Romania for people and organizations from abroad.

Starting 1927, the agency relayed continuously news and information. Among Agerpres services there are: thematic news feeds, press photography services and archive, press monitoring, video and multimedia services, documentaries feed.