2Parale’s affilate network, online sales 40-50% higher on Valentine’s Day 2014


Valentine’s Day generated, for the 300 e-commerces in 2Parale’s affiliated network, sales that were 40-50% higher than in the same period of last year.

Online buyers gave more attention to the type of products they ordered, with biggest sales increases posted by categories like jewels, cosmetics, electronics and personal care products. During the previous years, most sales were generated in Presents category.

When it came of the money paid for online buys, Romanians actually spent less money this year, compared to previous year.

According to data analyzed by 2Parale, there were more searches for “men presents” than for “women presents”, which is in line with women’s buying habits, as they make a buying decision much harder.

The peak of online buys was registered on February 11-12, just a few days before Valentine’s Day, but Romanians continued to place a big number of orders also on February 14th.

The biggest evolution in sales for Valentine’s Day in 2014 compared to last year was posted by cosmetics stores (+95%) and jewelry ones (+69%). The stores selling clothes and shoes posted increases in sales of around 30%.

The presents for men were mainly from IT&C category, with an increase of over 30%  y.o.y.

The amounts spent for jewels and watches decreased, while expenses for electronics doubled per ordered and increased for IT&C category. The most expensive buys were made, in the analyzed period, in IT&C category, that registered transactions of over RON 10,000