Valentine’s Day on social platforms, more visual than ever

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The communication related to Valentine’s Day on social platforms present in Romania posted an important quantitative increase compared to last year: 36% more mentions between 13015 February 2014 compared to 2013 (13.111), showing an increased interest in Romanian online for the American holiday, a ZeMonitor – Rogalski Damaschin Public Relations analysis shows.

Social Media Valentine's Day

All social communication channels registered increases in terms of messages on Valentine’s day, but the platforms with an increased amount of visual content, Facebook and Instagram, were responsible for 57% from the total number of mentions.  The most spectacular increase in terms of apparitions and compared to last year came from Instagram, where Valentine’s Day 2014 generated 76% more photos than in the same period in 2013. With 11.4% from total Valentine’s mentions, Instagram ranke 3rd in the top of preferred communication platforms, after Facebook  (45.7%) and Twitter (13.9%).

Although Facebook gathered just half of mention from quantitative point of view, from impact’s point of view, the messages posted on this social network summarized 88% of total. Twitter is second in terms of impact, while Instagram ranks 3rd.

When it comes of users, men (59.3%) initiated more conversations related to Valentine’s Day than women (40.7%). Most active were people aged 25 – 34 y.o. (over 55% mentions) .