Cif cleans Romania of negative messages targeting kids, in a MRM Romania / McCann Bucharest campaign


Unilever’s Cif brand launched, together with MRM Romania and McCann Bucharest, started a campaign that aims to clean the streets of aggressive messages and inscriptions, that can influence in a negative manner the development of the kids.

According to an Unicef study, the psychological violence targeting kids happens, most of the times, at school or on the street and can have bad effects over kids, from psychological affections to emotional scars and problems to adapt in the society.

Campanie Curatare

“Cif cleans Romania” is a campaign that takes place all over Romania, between February 20th – May 30th and aims to remove vulgar messages, with aggressive or discriminatory potential, from the streets, after they are signaled by Romanians.

Cif 4

Anyone can upload on or on campaign’s Facebook page photos with the aggressive messages or drawings he saw on the street, so Cif can reach to them and clean them.

Cif 2

Also, especially for this campaign, in order to simplify the process to identify the places where aggressive or discriminatory messages are, a mobile app was developed and is available for free in Google Play and App Store.

This innovative campaign isn’t just about cleaning. It is for the 1st time when, in Romania, a brand offers a digital tool to a community so that community can change its life for better, using LBS tech to monitor the locations we are cleaning at the encouragement of those people

Nir Refuah,

GM & Chief Innovation Officer MRM Worldwide Romania.

The locations to be cleaned during the campaign will be selected from the photos uploaded by the public, within the limits and respecting the conditions of campaign’s rules. After finalizing cleaning the places, the photos with “before” and “after” look of the places will be available on Cif’s website and on the dedicated Facebook page.

cif 3

We started from a relevant tension for each monther: how do I protect my kid from aggressive messages and offending content? Tech has some of the answers: special settings for TV, laptop or mobile phone. But what settings can you use on the street? You can only try to physically clean the aggressive messages. We won’t pretend that all problems will be solved during the 1st year of campaign. But we hope that it is a long term platform and we bet, also on long term, on people’s help

Alexandru Dumitrescu,

Executive Creative Director McCann Bucharest

The campaign started with a teasing documentary broadcasted online for 7 days, while the TV ad that presents the campaign’s details and how the public can get involved will be broadcasted on TV.

CIF’s campaign is supported with a consistent communication online, that includes banners, social media, a smartphone app and presence on blogs 

The teams involved in the project:

  • Unilever South Central Europe: Dan Oprescu – Brand Building Director, Monica Tamas – Senior Brand Manager Household Cleaning  and Anca Vraciu – Brand Building Executive Cif
  • McCann Bucharest: Alexandru Dumitrescu – Executive Creative Director, Gabriela Alexandrescu – Group Account Director, Ioana Zamfir – Copywriter, Ionut Coanda – Art Director, Ana Maria Placinta – Account Manager, Ionela Tatu – Account Executive,  Ileana Serban Parau – Senior Strategic Planner, Tiberiu Munteanu – A/V Manager, Carmen Bistrian – Corporate Communication Manager
  • MRM Worldwide Romania: Nir Refuah – General Manager MRM, Oana Gheorghe – Copywriter,Bogdan Teodorescu – Senior Art Director, Bogdan Dinu  – Junior Art Director, Ionela Buta – Client Service Director, Tina Cretu – Account Manager,Alexandra Visan – Web Developer and Bogdan Deaconescu – Web Developer
  • Momentum: Andrei Toniuc – Chief Growth Officer, Dragos Vintu – Retail & Experiential Manager, Alexandra Tanase – Account Executive
  • McCann PR: Ruxandra Vasilescu – Account Director, Bianca Severin – Account Manager
  • MindShare: Clara Berindean – Group Account Director, Lavinia Andrei-Goia – Account Manager and Andreea Florescu – Digital Manager