IAA Global’s quarterly meeting to take place in Bucharest


IAA Global’s Executive Committee started, last night, its quarterly meeting, taking place this time in Bucharest, Romania.

On Tuesday, the 12 participants will debate IAA’s and international marcom industry’s important themes. One of the main themes is the organization of IAA’s World Congress, that will take place in Beijing, on May 8-10.

IAA Global’s representatives, among which the president, the Senior VP and the Executive Director, along with IAA Romania’s representatives, will have a press conference on February 25th at noon, an event during which they will offer more information. The meeting’s organization in Bucharest takes place as a result of Felix Tataru being elected  Senior Vice President of IAA Global, in June 2013.


We are honored, as Romanians, to have in Bucharest the management of the most powerful global organization that represents the marketing and communication industry. We are happy to have the opportunity to be together for such an important event of our industry, IAA’s Excellence Awards, an occasion for the 2013 champions to get  their awards directly from my colleagues from IAA’s global management

Felix Tataru,

Senior Vice-President IAA Global.

 The members of IAA Global’s Executive Committee will be present at IAA Excellence Awards for 2013, an event organized by IAA Romania, scheduled for Tuesday, February 25th, starting 20.00, at Romanian Athene. During the event, IAA Romania will also five IAA awards for 20 years of activity of the association, for 3 personalities (advertiser, agency, media) that majorly influenced Romanian marcom industry during IAA Romania’s 20 years of existence