The congregation of Mums – discovering the mum ecosystem – a new Starcom infographic

Consumption Habits, Marketing

In March, when Romanians celebrate women’s month and Mother’s Day (March 8th), Starcom launched a new info-graphic based on a study on different mothers’ communities, identifying different ways to relate and the elements that are common for the lifestyle of this category.

Love for their family is fundamental for mums and their needs and desires are developing along with their children growing. During kids’ first years of life, being in control is mandatory to insure the safety for the baby and to consolidate the trust in the motherly abilities. The more the child grows, the more develops also mother’s desire to have a home that will be the best space for child’s development and a place she can relax.

All mothers are part of an ecosystem, a space dedicated exclusively to them, a place where they are united through similar experiences, where they can discuss, get advice and support.

In Romania, those ecosystems appear in multiple forms: face to face meetings between mums, solidarity manifested through advices and help or digital form, that became more and more important once internet coverage increased and that manifested through the creation of online mums communities.

Three out of five mothers are accessing the internet on daily basis and spend around one hour and 20 minutes online. Most mothers are present on Facebook and under 20% of them are accessing forums and blogs.

The mothers that consult blogs are the ones that tend to become “career’ mothers”, focus on family and its well-being and manage to achieve the greatest expertise in raising their kids. They are mainly speaking from their own experience and generate positive comments and a warm atmosphere. Mothers that blog can get to be considered experts or trend setters.

Mothers that are checking forums do that because they look for  specific information. Their discussions follow the “question-answer” pattern and they seem to be oriented towards finding a functional solution to a need. The atmosphere is positive here also and can generate, over time, strong ties between mothers that are posting on the forum.

Facebook mothers can be easily identified through the multitude of pictures in which they “promote” the progresses achieved by their children; also, they are present in different groups with useful information to care for the little children. They react to comments or posts, but their communication is relatively independent compared to the other answers.

Mothers are the most homogeneous target from interests point of view and are relatively easy to approach, but their attention for details, the care to offer the best products to the loved ones and the informational models used transform them into a challenge when it comes of brands’ communication

Rodica Mihalache,

Head of Consumer & Business Insights Starcom.