A copy that wants to draw smiles


I saw stacks of leaflets thrown on the floor inside my apartments building and I wondered if there isn’t a solution for this problem. Copywriters are stressed about the feedback received on flyers, marketing managers are fighting to get budgets and consumers are feeling intoxicated with advertising messages. If one stays and thinks, everything is for nothing!

This is the reason why I’ve decided to make a step outside this narrow perspective and see the whole picture. To stop being mice on wheels that do things out of the force of habit! So, on March 8th, I dared to make an Advertising Manifesto, some sort of modern art well anchored in reality.

It was a guerilla action and its purpose was to offer to brands a resume-photo of the human behavior, beyond the way it is shown in research reports. The ultimate desire of the video is “make love, not war”, so agencies would create campaigns  much more relevant for brands, the target would understand better why it is good to buy the product X and not Y, and the girl from marketing would  stop giving explanations for the lack of immediate results.

Moreover, there’s a Romanian saying which  teach us that people are the one who change the places and, if everyone would do something good for the environment they live in, than we wouldn’t need so much others’ help. It seems to me that we are affected by some slowness combined with lack of trust and we aren’t present in what we do. After all, I didn’t reinvent the wheel with this project, any person that looks around him with attention would’ve come up with the idea.

I am considering myself more a psychologist than an ad-person. And I’m not yet Mihnea Gheorghiu from Publicis, which I consider a creative in its purest state.

In my spare time, I invent stuff that would color the urban life, if they would be implemented. It’s pretty simple to see what moves people and profit on the right moment. For example: when they are waiting for the green light. As a consequence, I’ve photoshoped an idea as if it really happened on March 8th. It would’ve been so fun if it was real!

An opinion written by Ada Musat. Ada is copywriter with Romanian ad agency Cap. Graduated of a Psychology Faculty, she worked previously as a news redactor with the Romanian state TV TVR, as Digital Planner with MEC and Digital Campaign Manager at Brainient.