Wave Division’s new manager: Any organization must cultivate entrepreneurship

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After leaving his mark on Philip Morris, Rompetrol and Adevarul’s communication projects, Sorin Blaga recently took over the management of Wave Division, the leading consumer engagement company in Romania that handles consumer interactions for clients like Heidi, Mega Image, Cora, Julius Meinl, Mc Donald’s, Coca-Cola, L’Oreal or Samsung. In an interview for Business.24, Blaga outlined the plans for the company he manages and stressed the fact that entrepreneurship “is a competence (…) that any organization must cultivate”, explaining  that the entrepreneurial abilities were the ones that attracted him in Wave Division

“Entrepreneurship is a competence or, better said, a set of abilities that any organization must cultivate! It is very true that, in many companies, the initiative and assuming the risk, components that define entrepreneurship, are oftenly inhibited from various reasons. At Wave Division, it was exactly this entrepreneurial spirit that attracted me very much (…) so, in fact, I haven’t return in “a company” but I chose to go forward with entrepreneurship. I am very happy that also Wave Division chose me and welcomed me with opened arms”, said Sorin Blaga, for Business24.

Blaga has ambitious plans for Wave Division, but ones that are anchored on reality and based on both his experience and agency’s 13 years of evolution on the Romanian market

Sorin Blaga - Managing Director Wave Division

“I want us to reach to a new level in terms of turnover, to improve the quality of services in all areas of activity and to use everything we have good and very good, ranging from experience to creativity, to innovate and diversify the Consumer Engagement services. I wish the brand “Wave Division” to be assimilated with excellence in Consumer Engagement”, Sorin Blaga stated, for Business24.ro

When it comes of communication abilities, Sorin Blaga says that one is born with them, but needs to acknowledge them and put in energy and effort to have them recognized, which also mean one has to assume risks to have his team following and to keep learning both from books and from the team.

Romanian business environment must, in Blaga’s opinion, learn to communicate clearly and consequently inside the organizations, as communication makes things happen and, if it’s properly done, clarifies, motivates and eliminates frustrations.

When it comes of the current year from communication’s point of view, Wave Division’s manager says that, structurally, the dialogue with products and services consumers will increase in 2014 and next few years and appreciates that a strong branding is founded on the experience the consumer has with the product or service, a thing that has to be present more in communication.

Sorin Blaga has over 20 years of experience in marketing and communication, from which 13 spent with Philip Morris Romania. The last position he occupied at Philip Morris Romania was of Marketing Director for Romania and Bulgaria. His professional career also includes Rompetrol, where he was, for 4 years, Vicepresident (Group Director) for Marketing and Communication and thus in charge with planning, development and implementation for all company’s retail and corporate marketing activities. Afterwards, for a year, Sorin Blaga was Marketing Director of Adevarul Holding.

Sorin Blaga is associated professor at Communication and Public Relation Faculty at Romanian National School for Political and Administrative Studies and also at the Marketing, Advertising and PR Master organized by SNSPA and The University of Sheffield