Romanian Starcom and iLeo on “Following Facebook Brands: Love or Interest?”

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Starcom MediaVest and iLeo launched the 13th infographic from the series HumanGraphExperience, summarizing the result of “Following Facebook Brands: Love or Interest?” study.

The infographic shows that almost half of contest afficionados that follow brands on Facebook don’t intend to buy from them and they prefer mostly the activations that don’t involve a lot of effort: photo like and share contests +win (80%), Like and win contests (66%), answer and win contests (52%), access the app and win (59%) and create audio/video content and win (3%).

“Following Facebook Brands: Love or Interest?” study was based on the answers given by 968 people to an online survey and aimed to identify the way the fans of brand pages on Facebook interact with the brands they follow

Most frequent form of user-brand interaction on Facebook is represented by contests, even more than share, comment, event participation and so on.

In the same time, despite the fact they are more open to interactive activities, adolescents (13-17 ani) aren’t very interested in contests, as they care about their image and prefer to read funny posts and like statuses.

There are categories where the number of dedicated fans is surpassed by those interested in contests (sweets, snacks, still drinks and beer).  Still, those interested in contests are also the ones that spread brand’s message on Facebook more than dedicated fans, which are more interested in brand’s informative statuses. This makes brand’s message to be propagated by fans interested in material benefits, people that many times support rival brands.

In this moment, we’re in a fight for relevance in digital communication. Today’s tools don’t allow you anymore to reach to tens or hundreds of thousands of people through social media without paying. And that is why the stake is to find the target public (in this case the real fans of a brand) and to offer them the chance to speak with and about you

Matei Psatta

Head of Social Media & Strategic Planning, iLeo

Although he might appear to be a normal Facebook user, the contest chaser uses the network as a mean to participate to as many contests as possible. On average, such a person distributes between 20 and 35 posts a day, doesn’t have preferences when it comes of brands and doesn’t have any loyalties.

In an ordinary week, the contest chaser can participate to 4-60 contests and brags on Facebook with what he won (shares the posts that designate him as winner). Some of those people are even trying to consolidate their profiles, reaching to around 2000 friends and followers, although the distributed content doesn’t have a big impact (0 to 3 likes)

For most of Facebook users, interacting with a brand is one of the main factors that determines them to buy it, interaction that appears, most of the times, through likes or participation to contests. The contests don’t usually attract quality participants, as for certain categories the number of those interested in prizes surpass the number of those interested in brand. Based on “Following Facebook Brands: Love or Interest?”, we managed to identify concrete ways to avoid this

Rodica Mihalache

Head of Consumer & Business Insights, Starcom MediaVest

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