Socialbakers: Lidl – most popular European food retailer on Facebook

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Lidl is the new social media champion on European retail market. With a fan base 162% of the size of their next-closest competitor’s, German grocery chain Lidl is dominating, according to a social media monitoring made by Socialbakers on European retail between July 1st 2013 – February 28th 2014.

Facebook became, during the last 2 years and a half, a very important communication platform for Lidl (…) The success is explained through the consequence and  professionalism Lidl is treating social media. Besides the advertising materials relayed via social media, Lidl uses Facebook to communicate openly, transparently and bi-directional with the clients

Andreas Brücker,

Manager MRM Worldwide.

Lidl involves its fans in traditional contests with prizes, but also in other activities. The retailer developed products together with its Facebook fans and implemented, also together with them, charity projects. The fans also had the opportunity to get involved in establishing offers and, in some countries, they decided what articles from Lidl’s offer were sold with discount in the stores

Lidl gives a great deal of importance to its fans’ opinions. This is, from my point of view, one of the main factors that contributed to Lidl’s success in social media, along with the innovative content

Andreas Brücker

SocialBakers conclusions on Lidl and other European retailers presence in social media is shown in the infographic below: