Fashion swap platform, launched on Romanian market

Business, e-Commerce, the first online platform of fashion swap, entered Romanian market on April 25th, allowing its users to exchange with each other shoes, clothes and accessories was developed after observing situations from day to day life. aims to satisfy those with full wardrobes that think they don’t have what to wear, those that bought nice things but didn’t had the opportunity to wear and to those that want a new wardrobe but are hesitant as they invested a lot in the one they already own.


Flipster solves the problems by offering the possibility of changing the owned clothes with the ones desired. Each user that enters posts photos and descriptions of the objects he/she doesn’t wear/use, that are in good and very ood conditions and can make someone else happy.

After exploring the objects presented on the platform by the other users and discover something they like, the members propose a “flip” – a change for one or more object from their own wardrobe. If the flip is considered to be a good deal by both parties, than they establish the date when the exchange will be made by courier.

Until now, during the beta period of the platform, that lasted couple months, Flipster attracted over 500 members and over 5000 articles are available for exchange. We expect to reach, by the end of the year, to over 10,000 members

Marius Cristea,


For the moment, the service is exclusively targeting women, subscription is free and they can access the platform after logging in with their Facebook account.

The total costs of a flip start from RON 17 and include the price of delivery via courier for 1 object exchange and reach to RON 2 for 3 objects exchanged.

The platform can be accessed from phone, tablet and desktop and covers over 3,200 towns and villages in Romania


The project was initiated by Andreas Philippi (Co-founder / Software Engineer, Cubus Arts), Gabriel Tarnovan (Co-founder / Software Engineer, Cubus Arts), Marius Cristea (Managing Partner, Blue Idea – IQads & SMARK) and Mihai Tarnovan (Co-founder / Software Engineer, Cubus Arts).


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