Romanian blogger to promote Danube’s Delta in 20 European countries


Romanian blogger Doru Panaitescu started, today, an expedition to European deltas, inspired by the beauty of Danube’s Delta and as part of an initiative to promote its bio-diversity in the over 20 European countries he will reach to.

Doru Panaitescu; Source: Rogalski Damaschin Public Relations
Doru Panaitescu; Source: Rogalski Damaschin Public Relations

Europe’s Deltas project has a double educational character: in each country, we will have a mini-photo exhibition for the people living there and we will distribute photo albums with Romanian Danube Delta’s birds fauna. Moreover, the audience in Romanian online community will be updated about the unusual things we will meet in the countries where we will travel and will discover, in the same time with us, via social networks, local traditions and habits

Doru Panaitescu.

The expedition includes a strong educational component, aiming to discover and share with the reader – both the ones of Doru’s blog and of the 20 partner blogs – all the details on flora and fauna from other European deltas, along with traditions and habits from the communities met on the way. The deltas targeted by the expedition are: Atmata’s Delta (Lithuania), Rhon’s Delta (France), Pad’s Delta (Italy), Ebro’s delta (Spani), Lumi Drin (Albania), Danube’s Delta  (Romania), Ropotamo’s Delta (Bulgaria) and Delta Nestos (Greece).

delta proiect

Delta’s tour is divided in 5 separate expeditions and started on May 1st, with the first destinations being 2 deltas which are less visited by tourists, namely Ropotamo’s Delta in Bulgaria and Delta Nestos in Greece.

Doru Panaitescu has a strong connection with Danube’s Delta. He was born in Braila, on Danube’s shore, he always had a passion for birds’ species in the area and, after a long career in marketing, dedicated himself to the passion of exploring natural habitats and photograph vary species of birds and animals. He initiated by himself a series of projects meant to promote the bodiversity and unequaled beauties of Danube’s Delta. In April, during an event organized by Romanian Ornithological Society, he launched a guide for following and recognizing the species of birds in Danube Delta.