Growth in 2014? Only 32% of IAA Romania’s members think so.

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Only 32% of the members of Romanian chapter of IAA hope to see growth within advertising industry in 2014, according to a study made by IAA amongg its members, in March-April 2014, IAA’s website writes

The blitz study on industry’s health is an initiative that starts what will be a permanent project for IAA Romania, namely measuring, 4 times a year, the health of Romanian advertising industry and trends appearing at its level.

The insecurity shown by media agencies and mass-media during the last year is due, mostly, to the effects of an Emergency Ordinance that dramatically affected Romanian TV media market in 2013.

The decrease of employees’ number in 2013 compared to 2012 was felt by 36% of Romanian industry’s players, along with the blocking of hiring in the sector, with 45% members saying that their number of employees stagnated. Both the 2 mentioned effects are generated by the uncertainty started by the brutal intervention of the state in free market’s mechanism with the above mentioned ordinance.
The decrease in jobs number affected 60% of Romanian agencies and 80% of mass-media companies.
Worrisome for 56% of IAA Romania’s members is also the fact they believe they are heading in a wrong direction when it comes of projects’ creativity and efficiency, caused by the big number of international adaptation, preferred by some companies to locally developed campaigns.
In 2014, the only area that saw increased budget is digital. According to 84.5% participants to the study, the biggest increase will be seen by entertainment project for digital, while only 68% consider that the same growth will apply to informational and educational projects on digital channels. 43% of IAA Romania’s members also believe that entertainment TV will grow this year, while the budgets for radio and printed press will decrease, as most respondents said.
The study was made by IAA Romania in March-April 2014, on a sample of 153 respondents – IAA Romania’s members, advertising clients, agencies and mass-media.