Press snooze and make the coffee…

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…with McCann Bucharest , Doncafe and Beko

McCann Bucharest pressed the snooze, together with Doncafe and Beko, and came up with the 1st solution to make coffee while one still sleeps.The Innovative Coffee Machine

“Snooze for Coffee” is actually a coffee maker connected, via Wi-Fi, to an alarm app on the smartphone. This is how, in the morning, while one presses the snooze button on the mobile phone to catch some more minutes of sleep, the coffee machine receives a signal and automatically starts to prepare the coffee.

The app is available in Appstore and Google Play

Snooze for Coffee App

Snooze for Coffee App2

Consumer studies showed that Romanian women sleep 30 minutes less than men as they are the ones that wake up earlier to prepare the coffee and breakfast for the rest of the family. That is why Doncafe and Beko decided to use the newest tech to come up with an innovation to help women.

Doncafe is the coffee brand that rewards women for the millions of special moments they offer to those around them. In all Doncafe’s communication campaigns, we focused on the reward Doncafe offers them: “me moments”. For this brief, we decided to call for “extreme” solutions to underline Doncafe’s messages and to offer women something real – extra moments for themselves every day. The result is “Snooze for Coffee” – a partnership between Doncafe and Beko (…) a brand that was prepared to enter this special project and to build a coffee machine that can be remotely controlled, through a mobile app

Cristina Calota,

Copywriter McCann Bucharest

The project was implemented together with Robofun Create (biggest Romanian open-source hardware store) and MindTreat Studios (design studio that creates and implements innovative projects on different platforms)