DiscoverCity app, launched at Internet Week Denmark

Digital & Media, Mobile, Social Media, Start Up was launched on April 30th, during Internet Week Denmark in Arhus, and provides students and people in general a way to find out which are the most interesting places in a new city. The founders of DiscoveryCity started the project after they acknowledged that finding out places to match the preferences of people which were new in town was also an issue for Aarhus. They decided therefore to come up with a simple, visual and interactive portal for students and young people.

The initiators of the project started working knowing that, each year, more than 12,000 students, Danes and foreigners, come to Aarhus and none know their way around.

It was quite difficult in the beginning when I moved to Aarhus, to get to know all those cool places. Especially when you are among other new students, nobody really seems to know their way around

Juraj Pal

Co-Founder & CEO

Pal himself came to Denmark from Slovakia, in 2012, to study at Aarhus University.

DiscoverCity is a website designed by students for students. Based on a map view, users can choose from different categories (Food, Study, Nature, Culture, Fun, Sport and Shop) and see the results but also the recommendations made by other users, getting an insight on where to go or what to do.