MRM Worldwide signs the campaign to promote UniCredit Tiriac Bank’s new Mobile B@nking app

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MRM Worldwide Romania, part of McCann WorldGroup Romania,  signs the communication campaign to promote the new Mobile B@nking app from UniCredit Tiriac Bank. Under the slogan “Control your bank from your mobile”, the campaign will run exclusively online, between May 8th – June 20th.

Aplicatia Mobile Banking

The interactive app created for the new campaign is accessible on and is based on an innovative tech, that allows forming unique links, in real time, between 2 devices connected to internet. With help from the smartphone, that turns into a joystick, anyone can control the video scenes that happened in an UniCredit Țiriac Bank branch, virtually rebuilt on campaign’s website. As the app user is directing as he likes the employees within the virtual branch, the clients can now, in a simple manner, manage their own banking operations, anytime and anywhere, by just using his mobile phone.

The improved version of the app, with friendlier design and new functions, is available for Android and iOS, most used OS for this kind of apps. The bank is also preparing updated versions for Java and BlackBerry.