Rogalski Damaschin launched in Romania Paula’s Choice cosmetics brand

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American premium cosmetics brand Paula’s Choice was officially launched on Romanian market during an event organized by Romanian agency Rogalski Damaschin Public Relations. The event took place on May 9th, at Hotel Epoque in Bucharest, and was attended by brand’s founder, Paula Begoun, and the coordinator of R&D team at Paula’s Choice, Bryan Barron. During the launch event, the brand presented its unique approach on cosmetics market, that reflects its founder’s credo, to offer women from all over the world sincere info on the ingredients of cosmetics, helping them to discover the truth behind the ads promoted by big cosmetics brands. The event was shaped around the info offered by Paula Begoun, also known as “Cosmetics’ Cop”, and offered the guests the opportunity to have a glimpse behind the curtain of one of the most glamorous industry at international level.

Paula si Bryan

With the launch event for Paula’s Choice, we aimed to bring into the spotlight the unique philosophy of the brand and to offer guests an unique experience behind the curtains of the cosmetics industry. Paula Begoun’s mission represented the inspiration source for the concept “The best skin of your life”, which we declined to the smallest details, offering to our guests a complete Paula’s Choice experience. The positive attitude, client’s business orientation and the creative vision were the key elements in conceiving the entire event and its connected communication strategy. Moreover, the consensus between us and the client at strategical approach level set up the basis for a productive collaboration, started now with a successful event

Isabela Stere,

Communication Manager, Rogalski Damaschin Public Relations