Romanian Design Week 2014, open for public

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Romanian Design Week started the 2014 edition and, between May 16-25, will present Romanian design, in 350 works, 150 exhibitors and 60 collateral events related to Public Space Design. The central exhibition is hosted by Commerce Chamber’s Palace in Bucharest.

Focused on urban life and the importance of design in the common space, the central exhibition includes works from 5 domains: architecture, interior design & cityscape, fashion, Graphic design, advertising & branding, lifestyle and product design.

The works presented within the central exhibition and during the collateral events were selected after a call of projects in the beginning of the year. The selection of works was made by Adrian Soare – architect partner SYAA, Costin Popescu – Managing Partner CAP, Domnica Margescu – fashion director Elle, Maurice Munteanu – fashion editor Elle, Mihai Gurei – Creative Director and Owner Intro and Attila Kim – architect


Romanian Design Week is a celebration of local design through which we want to promote valuable design, to amplify the interaction between specialists from different areas of design, to bring an as big as possible portion of public as close as possible to the domains the event aims to cover, but also to generate that needed context for this discipline’s development in Romania.

Design must glue communities, preoccupations and aesthetic layers, between people, ideas, objects and their meaning within the daily lives. In 2014, the focus was on the environment we all share, the collective space and the way design helps us communicate, interpret and improve our life. If last year we brought into the spotlight Stirbei Palace, transforming into a destination for many urban culture events, this year one of our objectives was to bring back to life another valuable building, Bucharest Commerce Chamber’s Palace

Andrei Bortun,

CEO The Institute

The collateral events included in this year’s Romanian Design Week 2014, are grouped depending on their type: Design expo, Design talks, Design happens, Design sells, Design by night and Design kids. The central space of the event also hosts Young Designers Exhibition, along with conferences and workshops dedicated to people interested in design, and also the Instalart/Obiect/002 exhibition, Inspired by Peroni and “Czech lamps evolution 1950-1990” exhibition, presented by OKOLO.

Romanian Design Week 2014 also includes 2 special evenings: Fashion’s Night Out (May 20) and Architecture’s Night In (May 22), that will include the most important Romanian workshops, studios and concept stores

Romanian Design Week is one of the projects initiated by The Institute and is an annual event promoting Romanian contemporary design as a tool that can contribute to social, economic and cultural progress. It is the first project fully dedicated to Romanian design targeting both the public and the professionals in the field.