SeniorHyper developed a new app for Airwaves

Digital & Media, Social Media

SeniorHyper developed a new Facebook app for Airwaves, “Blow the prize”, which dares all product’s fans to enter the competition to win chewing gum for 3 months or a inflatable boat for extreme rafting adventures.

Inside of the app, users are encouraged to blow in their computer mic for as long as possible in order to get the prizes. The app also offers the option to use the keyboard to play, for those that don’t have mics.

Sufla Premiul Airwaves

The app was online between April 11th – May 23rd

SeniorHyper team that worked on developing the app included: Vasile Alboiu (Creative Director), Alin Badiu (Art Director), Christiana Zodila (Copywriter), Dana Cucos (Social Media Manager), Veronica Ciacoveanu (Senior Account Manager), Alexandra Circiu (Junior Account Executive), Ionut Ciubotariu (Director of Operations), Alex Hertog (Project Manager), Stefan Zibilianu (Php Developer) and Teo Onicel (Action Script Developer).