Goodby Silverstein & Partners cracked the Fart Code with a new app

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Goodby Silverstein & Partners created the “Fart Code” app and released it on the iTunes store, as it is aimed to promote kid’s health and science education and everyone knows that there’s some smart science behind the gross-out laughs.

Once downloaded, Fart Code allows users to scan bar codes on any item within grocery stores and determines the actual ingredients in the scanned item, noting any ingredients that are known to cause gas.

An algorithm uses those ingredients to determine the level of toxicity on a “fartometer” and produces the appropriate fart noise and vibration; a rough equivalent of how your digestive system would process the ingredients.

Once created, one can share the fart via text message (complete with fart emoji) and social posts and his friends can then click on a link and hear the fart their friend just passed to the others.

It’s a fun and engaging way to get kids to think about what they are putting in their bodies

Margaret Johnson,

Executive Creative Director & Partner GS&P.

Schools across San Francisco have signed on to use the app in their class curricula; national teacher resources are recommending the app to their networks; and parents across America are sure to appreciate that their now kids have something to keep them occupied in the grocery store.

A demo video is available on, where the app can also be downloaded from.


  •  Goodby Silverstein & Partners
  • Title of Creative Work: Fart Code
  • Partner, Executive Creative Director: Margaret Johnson
  • Lead Creative Developer: Chris Allick
  • Art Director: Pablo Rochat, Hanna Wittmark
  • Copywriter: Hanna Wittmark, Mitch Gage
  • Designer: Pablo Rochat, Chris Welsby
  • Executive Producer: Margaret Brett Kearns
  • Interactive Producer: Justin Visser
  • Account Director: Erin Fromherz
  • Music House: Goodby Silverstein & Partners
  • Composer: Fabio Benedetto, Evan Schultz
  • Producer: Luke Dillon
  • Sound Engineer: Nicholas Dematteo
  • Sound Designer: Nicholas Dematteo
  • Audio Mix: Nicholas Dematteo
  • Mixer:   Nicholas Dematteo