Armada and Save the Children Romania  campaign for taxes redirection – a success

Ads, Creativity, CSR

Romanian agency Armada got involved in making the online component for 2% Save the Children campaign in Romania, aiming to redirect 2% of people’s income taxes redirected to Romanian maternity hospitals.

Armada helped building the online component for Save the Children’s campaign, in order to see 2% of taxes redirected towards the maternity hospitals. Besides an unusual homepage implemented during the last days of campaign, the agency and the client developed also a program for the big companies – “Save a life during the lunch break” – that saw very employee able to get involved actively and become an ambassador

In the end of the campaign, Save the Children didn’t forget to thank those getting involved since the start, making possible to save premature born children

Together with Save the Children, we thought there will be nice for children saved until now to be the ones to thank. This way, those who were there from the start can see the results of their involvement and those that didn’t get involved can see how wonderful is to save a life. Even if they are small and don’t understand too much now, those kids know some people with big hearts save their life and were more than happy to thank them

Loredana Marin,

Copywriter, Armada.

Armada team:

  • Senior Art Director & Web Designer: Silvia Dumitru
  • Copywriter: Loredana Marin
  • Strategic Planner/ Project manager: Maria Bucur
  • Video Editor: Catalin Cristian
  • Creative Director: Adrian Albu