ICEEfest: The main themes

Creativity, Digital & Media, e-Commerce, Start Up

ICEEfest transforms Bucharest again into the capital of CEE’s internet. The event will take place next week, on June 12-13, Grand Cinema & More Baneasa Shopping City, where over 2,000 participants are expected to come.

Besides big brands and companies, like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Shazam, Skype or Windows Mobile, which are attracting the public interest by Internet world, the themes approached during the event cover more interest domains related to online or digital marketing.

afisul festivalului

Grouped on interest areas, the most important are:

Creation and viral video

People working in creative agencies, PR and media or those with passion for digital communication won’t miss the ideas of some people and agencies that are internationally recognized

ZOO – Google’s exclusive creative agency -, Sid Lee, Effective Brands, DigitasLBi, Achtung!, Branderati, The Comms Lab or Åkestam Holst are just some of the names presented to worldwide renown festivals. A glimpse on what they did over the time is available here

Moreover, year’s biggest international virals will be discussed during a show to be held in the end of the festival, “Viral Movie Night”, where Andi Moisescu – TV host of a specialized show on Pro TV – and his guests – Mihai Bendeac, Mihai Bobonete and Raul Gheba – will seriously analyze the YouTube-type humor.


Those working in publishing and online content production are invited to see new players like UpComing or Daily Secret, which are trying new business models. Veterans like BBC, Forbes or Der Spiegel will also be present and shouldn’t be missed.

Among those that will have dedicated sessions are Katharina Borchert, CEO Der Spiegel Digital and nominee to  Young Global Leader title by World Economic Forum, which will be followed by a debate to be attended by the current Pro TV’s CEO, Aleksandras Cesnavicius, which will also have his first public appearance since taking over his job in Romania

Performance and eCommerce

People involved in e-commerce and performance marketing agencies will be there for Optimize’s author Lee Odden and for th Performance Marketing Masterclass, where Google, Facebook, TopRank and important Romanian clients will be present also.

Also in the area of digital performance marketing will be the Facebook workshop or  Oren Hefetz from Google, along with the presentation from Dynamo, company combining PR with SEO writing and sales leads

Programmatic Trading

People from media agencies, publishing and advertising sales companies or clients will be clearly preoccupied by the subject of the year, as signaled by Media Fact Book 2014.

Automated online ad spaces sales and buying process will be a key subject on ICEEfest’s agenda, with major players like Xaxis, DataXu, AppNexus,, LiveRail, MindShare, Cadreon and other global companies to approach the theme of the radical change in the way online advertising is bought and sold today.

The event will also include entertainment moments, stand-up comedy, awards galas, start-ups dedicated sessions and many others

ICEEfest is organized by ThinkDigital in partnership with Orange and it reached its 3rd edition. It is scheduled to take place at Grand Cinema & More Baneasa Shopping City, on June 12th-13th.

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