GMP – Grand Prix at Golden Hammer with “Why don’t you come over”

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“Why Don’t You Come Over?”, campaign made by GMP Group (GMP, Webstyler and GMP PR) for, won the Grand Prix in Unconventional PR category at the 15th edition of Golden Hammer, the main creativity festival in Baltic area and is the only award won by an independent agency from Romania.

Andreea Nemens - Executive Director GMP Advertising

We are happy we entered the campaign to as many festivals as possible, so we created many occasions to talk about its message. The fact that we won the 3rd Grand Prix with it shows not only that a food campaign has a longer life in festivals, but that it is also an opportunity to bring into the spotlight positive discussions on Romania’s image

Andreea Nemens,

Executive Director GMP Advertising.

Launched in 2013 as an answer to British government’s initiative to start a campaign to discourage Romanian immigrants to come in UK, the campaign spread all over the world in just 2 weeks, involved actively hundreds of thousands of Romanians and generated over Euro 2M in free media. Also, it convinced Brits to cancel their initiative.

The campaign got, last year, a lot of awards such as: Grand Prix in PR at Eurobest, Grand Prix in Digital Campaigns at Golden Drum and best campaign in the region at European Excellence Awards. Also, it was multi-awarded at national level, at Internetics, ADC and PR Awards.