Bancpost has a new graphic platform for communication, signed by Jazz

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Romanian independent agency Jazz created the new graphic platform for communicating Bancpost’s retail services and products. The newly created platform will be present in all bank’s communication from now on, no matter the channel it is declined on (print, online or video)

We needed a change to reflect our communication style from the last couple of years: more open, more friendly, closer to the clients. We wanted a simple and warm graphical solution, which would allow us to highlight better the product and all the relevant info for the clients, but which also will pay forward values as transparency, flexibility or availability to dialogue. The chromatic differentiation on categories of products and the transparent communication balloon proposed by Jazz were the answer to our searches, and their integration gave birth to a graphical concept with personality, easy to identify, which supports both target objectives

Stefania  Cristescu,

Head of Retail Banking Marketing.

Bancpost layouts


The change we’ve made started from a simple question – what do people want today from a bank? It is more than obvious that experience and tradition remain important attributes in the choices of the Romanian consumer, adapted to today’s economic realities. But, after crisis period, during which banks focused on prudence, Romanians are waiting for the signals of an attitude change. We found a visual solution to send optimism, dynamism and, more than anything, openness and friendship. The change was highlighted by adding a dialogue invitation to fill in the optimistic chromatic

Loredana Banica,

Client Service Director, Jazz.


Bancpost layouts

Over the years, I had the opportunity to work for different banks. Each time, I was stuck in some very strict identity rules which, most of the time, were working against the brand. I wanted to create a happy look, warm, with flexible elements that can change depending the visual they need to live with, but taking care to maintain a consistency for the materials

Catalin Baciu,

Art Director Jazz.

The new graphical platform was implemented this month, starting with the campaign “Points anywhere, money back on the card”, that promotes the loyality program associated to Bancpost’s Visa and American Express credit cards.

Bancpost layouts


  • Bancpost: Stefania Cristescu – Head of Retail Banking Marketing, Ileana Zamfir – Head of Corporate Communications and Robert Zanescu – Communication and Marketing Director
  • Jazz: Catalin Baciu – Art Director and Loredana Banica – Client Service Director.