Romanian illustrator from Publicis Romania chases Luerzer’s cover with a bearded man

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Adrian Iota (or Agi as his friends call him) is the first Romanian that could sign the cover of Special, 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide that Luerzer Archive is going to launch in the same time with it August edition of Archive.

Adrian is Art Director at Publicis Romania and draws a lot, with some of his drawings turning, over time, in tattoos.

Agi answered us a few questions, as we wanted to find out more about the creator of “Spunk Tattoo” that competes for Luerzer’s catalog cover.

Spunk Tattoo

What is your history as illustrator?

Agi: I drew a lot during university, than I took a job in advertising. And, for about 3 years, I didn’t draw at all. Than, during an endless meeting, I’ve made the first illustration after a long time. A coincidence or not, about that time I opened a tattoos salon together with some friends. Some of my illustrations turned into tattoos.

I have my rule: my left arm is covered with my illustrations, the right one – with others’. Now I have a pretty big stud with illustrated characters. I call them “pretty creepy”, some monsters awfully cute.

Agi Illustration 4

What are your future plans in this area? What about plans in general?

Agi: I want to do what I am doing now. Only better and maybe more visible. For start, a book and an exhibition

Agi Illustration 5

If you’d get some steady income from illustration, would you give up advertising?

Agi: To be honest, I will continue to do advertising, only more selective and for some special clients

Agi Illustration 2

What other passions do you have except illustration?

Agi: I collect toys

Agi Illustration 3

You are the first Romanian that could be on Luerzer’s Archive Best 200 Illustrators cover. What does this mean to you?

Agi: I am happy that what I do is enjoyed by others too. If you like my drawing with the bearded man, you can vote it here .

Agi Illustration 6

Agi’s drawing has, by now, 61% of the public expressed votes and is the top contender for Luerzer’s cover from the total of 8 illustrations selected.  The contest for selecting publication’s cover image was launched by Luerzer’s Archive as they are putting up the finishing touches on the special 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide.



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