Zuzu’s rebranding in Romania, signed by Brandtailors


After Zuzu’s rebranding in 2010, that resulted in graphic consistency and brand positioning as a relevant player in yogurt category, Brandtailors continues to work with Albalact to keep developing Zuzu brand.

The new rebranding, that lasted for 6 months and was finalized in the first part of the year, sets the premises for Zuzu product portfolio’s development towards any strategic direction within dairy market’s subcategories.

The absolute novelty of Zuzu’s rebranding project signed by Brandtailors represents the portfolio architecture solution, which was created according to the benefits brought to consumer’s life.



Zuzu’s rebranding that we worked on with Albalact team is an “update” that many valuable brands with tradition must make every few years to keep image leadership and align to the demands of a consumer which is more and more refined as visual education. Zuzu’s rebranding is an evolution that aims to validate once more that an efficient rebranding is the one centered on the efforts to build, not to make”tabula rasa”

Andreea Florea,

Managing Partner Brandtailors

Melania Moisi Creative Director BrandTailors


Following the rebranding, packaging design maintained the graphical elements that proved validity within the process to set up brand’s basics developed in 2010, elements that would insure recognizably in the relation with the loial consumers and, in the same time, the design shows Zuzu’s reference to dairy category in terms of relevance for product attributes

Melania Moisi,

Creative Director Brandtailors

Graphic manifestation for Zuzu became plurivalent so it could perform equally in more sub-categories, but remained consistent as “look & feel”.