Coloring the only street made up of stairs from Bucharest, a project signed by Initiative Romania 

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Romanian media agency Initiative (part of Lowe Group Romania) launched, a while ago, a project to revitalize the only street made up of stairs from Bucharest, as part of a socio-cultural project supported by the agency.

The project just ended the 1st stage, with Xenofon street – the only street made up of stairs from Bucharest – being already painted, with help from Romanian artist Eva Radu. The painting of the street lasted 7 days and brought on the stairs buildings considered representative for Bucharest.

Xenofon Street - image via
Xenofon Street – image via

As a press release informs, the color palette used suggests optimism and hunger for life and the street has now a new look, in line with vitality and mobility of a modern city. Also, according to the same source, the layout used to paint the stairs street came after repeated brainstormings, with the main wish being to show in a single space the exponential places from Bucharest

Alexandra Olteanu - Managing Director Initiative Romania
Alexandra Olteanu – Managing Director Initiative Romania

Each time when we start thinking a communication strategy for a client, we are also trying to find those places where a brand can reach to its target in a creative and interesting manner, so that the target would resonate with the message and would understand it. The process involves a strong creative side and we are happy every time when our ideas are useful for the clients. Bucharest Upstairs is an original project for us, it is for the first time when a media agency has such an initiative. We aim to offer Bucharest’s inhabitants and visitors a place they can spend their free time and, why not, where to find an inspiration source for their daily activities

Alexandra Olteanu,

Managing Director Initiative Romania.

The Bucharest project benefits of support from Bucharest’s District 4 town-hall.

Another similar project was made in Romania in Targu Mures, with a stairs-street being painted with traditional models from Ardeal region. The stair from Targu Mures – Digital Transilvania – Rakoczi Stairs – is also present on In a top of most beautiful steps around the world, the ones from Targu Mures are at the moment on the 1st position, followed by the ones in Bucharest