Romanian Political Rating Agency partners with Bruce Newman’s political marketing practice

Comm & Politics, Marketing, PR

Bruce Newman, author of books like “The Marketing of the President” or “Handbook of Political Marketing” and one of the pioneers of political marketing at international level, will be present in Romania on July 23-25, where he will attend Political Marketing Forum, an event organized by Political Rating Agency and ARMP.

Newman visits Bucharest also as a partnership agreement was made between Political Rating Agency (ARP), founded and managed by political consultant Cristian Andrei, and Newman & Associates LLC, Newman’s agency.

The partnership between the 2 companies will also mean a combination of ARP’s local experience in research&strategy and electoral campaigns and of the international experience from Newman & Associates when it comes of politics, business strategy, communication and market research. The sectors targeted by the consultants are electoral campaign and research&strategy counseling for political leaders and parties, Governmental institutions and corporate environment, which can profit on the methods tested during the recent electoral campaigns in United States.

Bruce Newman contributed with his own analysis models to reposition Bill Clinton in his presidential reelection campaign (1995-1996). He is Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Political Marketing and Professor of Marketing/Wicklander Fellow in Business Ethics DePaul University, Chicago.

Political Marketing Forum, organized by ARP and Romanian Association for Political Marketing (ARMP) reached to its 3rd edition, takes place this year in Romania and brings together professors, researchers and practitioners of political marketing from 10 countries, among which US, UK, Poland, Turkey and Germany. This year edition will take place around the theme “Exchanging Political Value: Theory, Practice and Reporting of Political Marketing”.

Political Rating Agency Agenţia is a political consultancy and market research agency. Agency’s expertise is 100% in politics and campaigns and strategies for public communication. The agency has experience in electoral campaigns and political counseling in local, parliamentary, European and presidential elections and organizes periodically Public Opinion Barometers.