Pastel implements a new shade, Ad-In-One

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Romanian agency Pastel is the latest on Romanian market to introduce Ad-In-One, solution also used on Romanian market by GMP Group and AMPRO Design

As it experienced constant growth, Pastel came in need of better control over costs and billings across the entire group and handle it through a single “cockpit”. Another challenge was to get a better grip over the internal capacity planning – the ability to minimize the gap between the number of hours spent on a job and the number of hours actually billed for it.

We are thrilled to incorporate Ad-In-One into our daily proceedings. As we grow more and add more jobs, we need to bring everything under watertight control. Ad-In-One is a great tool to do just that as it addresses all agency areas – from profitability reports to capacity planning to client billing.

Ioana Mucenic,

Pastel founder

Another reason for embracing Ad-In-One is to align all incoming supplier costs with appropriate jobs. Ad-In-One equips us with easy approval procedures for cost allocation so we are assured of having all costs under control and tagged against proper jobs or
agency cost budgets

Dana Nae Popa

Partner & co-Founder Pastel

Ad-In-One is an integrated management solution purely tailored for advertising agencies. It covers the whole workflow of daily tasks for everyone in the agency, from receptionist to company owner. It helps agencies to minimize non-billable admin work whilst increasing billable time and overall agency profitabilty and performance.