SeniorHyper and Orange made a caravan to put football in 4G

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SenirHyper and Orange used Kinect and 4G to play football, with a device especially put together by the agency for Orange 4G Discovery Tour. The device was available in Mamaia and in University Square in Bucharest.

Orange Fotbal (I)


Do you still remember when you started to play online with your friends? No matter the type of game, the feeling was completely different: you in one place, your friends – hundreds of kilometers away. Still, the favorite games were much better together. The app developed for Orange is the next step. With help of 4G speed from Orange, kilometers between friends become irrelevant, people can play together, no matter the place they are at

Vasile Alboiu,

Creative Director SeniorHyper .

Orange Fotbal (II)

Orange Fotbal

The teams involved in the project were

  • Orange: Mirela Bosoi – Head of Brand & Communication, Flavia Cozma – Online Communication Specialist, Crina Tenovici – Head of Data & B2B Communication, Dragoș Huian – Event Specialist, Anca Stancov – Head of Media and Mihai Dobre – Media Specialist
  • SeniorHyper: Vasile Alboiu – Creative Director, Alin Mărghidanu – Senior Copywriter, Miruna Dumitrescu – Copywriter, Vlad Emandi – Flash Designer, Ionuț Ciubotariu – Director of Operations, Alexandru Herțog – Project Manager, Cătălin Ungureanu – IT Specialist, Ștefan Zibilianu – PHP Developer, Emil Gheorghe – Action Script Developer, Traian Onicel – Senior Software Developer, Marina Encica – Account Executive, Nicoleta Stanciu – Account Manager and Mădălina Barbu – Senior Account Manager.
  • Initiative Media: Anca Tănase – Senior Media Planner, Alina Gruianu – Head of Unit, Alexandru Miu – Senior OOH Manager.