FCB warns movie loving mosquitoes are in danger, after Anonymous moved to Bucharest

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FCB Bucharest signs the new communication campaign for Anonymous International Film Festival, a campaign that supports the cause of Danube Delta’s mosquitoes, an endangered species as they lack their food now, as the actors and film afficionados move to Romanian capital for the 9th edition of the above mentioned festival.

“The mosquito, that everyone hates, is hiding unthinkable secrets. It is little known that here, in Sf Gheorghe (Danube Delta town where the festival took place previously – n.r.)m, there’s a special mosquito. During Anonymous International Film Festival, it use to sting directors, actors, movie fans and relay forward the cinema virus. Now those mosquitoes are in danger, as Anonymous moves to Bucharest, along with mosquitoes main food source. For Sf Gheorghe’s mosquito, this means malnutrition and even extinction” – this is how the situation is presented in the 1st TVC of the campaign, “The Researcher”.

The campaign includes 4 video ads that communicates to the public the consequences of moving the festival over the mosquitoes in Danube Delta. The entire campaign aims to make film fans acknowledge the festival takes place this year in Bucharest, on August 12-17.

All the people that go to Danube Delta and in Sf Gheorghe area know the mosquitoes problem and the problem with the stings that you can escape of. Mosquitoes were the witnesses to all passer-byes stories and events and, in time, they became  a symbol of the place. Here’s where the idea come from, from the cinema-loving mosquitoes that fed for years with blood from actors and movie fans that its stung during Anonymous and which, with the festival moved, are now in danger

Bogdan Moraru,

Creative Director FCB Bucharest.

FCB Bucharest made the promotion campaign for Anonymous pro-bono. The campaign was made with agency’s internal resources and promoted on TV, online and via PR.




The teams responsible for the campaign include:

  • FCB Bucharest; Bogdan Moraru – Creative Director, Ciprian Banica – Group Creative Director, Emanuel Borcescu – Senior Art Director, Alex Tigoianu – Senior Copywriter, Ana Maria Oila – Client Service Director, Ximena Dragusin – Account Director, Miruna Macsoda – Account Manager, Corina Coman – PR Manager, Ana Padurariu – PR Executive
  • Directors: Hypno & Tom Wilson
  • Animotion – Post-Production studio with Andrei Tatu & Iulian Buga – Sound
  • Anonymous International Film Festival: Livia Vasuianu & Miruna Berescu